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Our story

Half Full Wines were born from the desire to offer to the lovers of life, to the amateurs of sweet, convivial and natural moments, to have a companion of every occasion, fresh and colourful.
Half Full Wines are life seen from the right side, always half full. The moment you choose is your half, the wine in the can will do the rest.
Half Full Wines promises to bring you wherever you decide to "psschit" with your can, an approachable wine that will perfectly match your moment. You will be one! Half for you, half for your canned wine!

We don't choose just any wine, since we don't produce it. We work directly with an independent winegrower who is driven by his product.

Half Full Wines assembles, in agreement with the estate, a story, a label and an identified moment of life.


We’re a bunch of dreamers working with people who enjoy crafting what we love: good drinks with stories of responsible people.


Our first vintage, OCEAN, is a collaboration with Dominique Martin, from the Domaine Martin vineyard located just a stone's throw from the Atlantic Ocean.
Designed for outdoor moments and especially for consumers who are fishing enthusiasts (or just open water lovers), OCEAN can easily be transported in a cooler for an afternoon on a boat.
To be enjoyed fresh with the catch of the day. Now, choose your time!

Type of wine:

Dry white wine.

Grape variety:

100% Melon B.


Light gold robe, crisp wine with citrus notes.


Open it in the middle of a fishing trip. After bring the boat back to port, open a can with your buddies.
Keep it fresh!


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The cans are convenient, mobile, durable and cool, all locked up. Although it may seem counter-intuitive when it comes to wine, the carbon footprint of these aluminum cans is smaller than that of glass.
We do not suggest bottling magnificent Muscadet, or superb the Riesling d'Alsace in 250 ml aluminium cans. This is and remains the domain of bottles.
But as in life, there is a time and a place. Cans are efficient and ecological packagings for young adults who just want to relax.
The success of craft breweries has helped change the public's perception of cans.
It is an introduction to the world of wine in tasting conditions conducive to enhancing a moment, an instant rather than a product.
Lovers of this product will then, later on, turn to a world more focused on the product and the sensations.